Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick-Style Breakfast and Lunch

I was going to post this in my running blog, but this is vegetarian slop (vegan, in fact). Given nothing but a fridge and microwave, and a lack of my own kitchen utensils, I made the following:

Yesterday evening, I quickly put the following in a wheat tortilla:

I added some dried cranberries and wrapped it up. This was pretty good, but somehow not as good as the bread version with jelly that "The Ukrainian" makes for me.

For lunch, I took the same wraps and added the following:

The faux chicken requires a 30-second zap in the microwave, though I let it go for another 10 seconds. This wrap was actually not bad, though it could have used some rice and veggies. Once I get my act together, I can probably accomplish this (they make mircowavable rice!). As for the faux chicken, it was actually good... not like actual chicken, but somewhat reminiscent and decently spiced.

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Liz said...

I don't normally like the faux chicken, but I've only tried morningstar farms, not TJ's. Maybe I should give it a try! I do love the skippy natural pb, but I normally get super chunky. Yummm!