Thursday, May 11, 2006

First Sloppy Entry - Pasta with Chinese Broccoli and Beans

Welcome to my first entry here. I'm intending on posting the slop that I make because I was inspired by the blogs of REAL cooks.

Anyway, this is just a ghetto dish...

Pasta with Chinese Broccoli and Beans

1/2 c. organic pasta pieces
2 cm diameter of whole wheat spaghetti
chinese broccoli
1/3 c. dry red kidney beans
1/2 c. Ragu tomato sauce
chopped onion

Basically I had soaked the beans for 2 days because I didn't have time to cook them. Today, I finally had a chance to boil them a bit with the veggies. I was in such a hurry that neither of them really had a chance to cook all that thoroughly but good enough for *my* consumption. In another pot was the pasta. Then, I heated up the onions and sauce together and slopped it all together. I had to inhale this before going back to campus. I should have taken a picture of the minestrone I made the other day with pretty much the same ingredients, except it actually tasted good. I had also made a variant last week with curry, but I don't like how the smell exudes for days. Anyway, you will notice a ghetto pattern in my "cooking" in that it is usually vegan (or almost certainly at least vegetarian) and that I use items that I have already in my apartment because I am trying to clear the pantry/fridge/freezer before summer.

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